Automate your marketing campaigns

reduce costs and increase conversions

Use simple triggers and actions like: "If the weather is rainy in Paris, pause all my ads"

Set automated rules in few clicks

No code required. Just use our simple drag and drop interface

Pause my facebook retargeting ads if they are seen more than 7 times per user

Pause all my twitter ads if goal "bought book" is greater than 150

If it's sunny un-pause all my outdoor activity display ads

Increase my bid by 20% if "/shop" page views are less than 1.500

Increase bid by 40% if the average quality score is greater than 8

Pause all my instagram ads if goal "bought dress" is greater than 20

Triggers ⚡️:

(Many more triggers available)


Use weather data updated every 5 minutes as a trigger for your campaigns. Link it to Facebook, AdWords or any other channel.

It's available worldwide.

Website activity

Use Google Analytics as trigger. Edit your ads automatically based on page views, sessions, goal conversions or anything else.

Time and Date

Increase and decrease your bid across all channels depending on your opening hours, festive days, work/non-work hours and much more.

Actions 📈:

(Many more actions available)


Use triggers to pause not relevant campaigns and un-pause relevant campaigns

Increase / Decrease Bid

Set automated rules and make sure you are always visible when your customer are more likely to buy your product

Increase / decrease spending

Increase and decrease your spending across channels automatically and make sure you always get the highest return

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